August 9, 2010


I haven't had much to talk about lately, my days are pretty much the same, coming to work and all. Which I think has made this summer go by so much faster. I can't believe I start classes in like 3 weeks. I guess since I haven't stopped working the whole summer kinda blurred all together.

I did go to see Inception and it's amazing. It's the best movie I've seen in a seriously long time and I can't wait for it to come out in DVD so I can buy. Love the story, the effects, love Leo and love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I seriously enjoyed it and I'm even tempted to watch it at the theater again.

My mom is going to Colombia tomorrow. Well, at least that's the plan, she bought the ticket in discount so it's a stand-by ticket but we checked the flights and they're not full. She's gonna visit my sister and her husband. She's going for two weeks but she has like her whole schedule planned up, lol. She used to be a book editor so she went to all these international book fairs and since we moved she hasn't been able to so she's really excited about this and seeing her old friends, and of course my sister. They have much more in common than my mom and I, they love to go shopping and walking for hours when that's so not me, lol. They're even going to look at wedding dresses for the wedding ceremony my sister is going to have in december in Caracas. I hope her flights go well and I hope they have tons of fun because they're both very excited.

And that's pretty much it. Now a pictures of my niece and nephew that totally made my day:

Look at how cute these two are. I tell you, they get cuter every day. Btw, the guy behind Isa with the glasses and the baseball cap is my brother.

Oh yeah, and I changed my layout. I hadn't liked any of them lately but this one is very cute.

July 18, 2010


So a couple of months ago I found out that Jeff Dunham was going to be on tour and there was gonna be a show close to here and I bought the tickets. I'd been waiting for months to go and I was seriously excited and seriously looking forward to it.

I finally went Thursday night and it was AWESOME. As usual he had a bit of stand up at the beginning just himself, then Walter, then Achmed then Peanut and Jose and then a new character too.

In the opening he talked a bit about his daughters and about looking like a pervert in Miley Cyrus concert. I laughed my butt off. Walter was my definite favorite of the night. All of Jose's jokes were from previous shows and some of Peanut's and Achmed's jokes I had heard before too.
Walter was all new material and the only joke he repeated was the one of what he says as a greeter in Walmart. I'm pretty sure Walter is the easiest character for him to write for, not to mention the easiest to improvise with. He was hilarious and made fun of Jeff to death over his divorce. It was clever and very funny.
"What's it like not being married? I bet it's amazing doing what you want. Not having to put the toilet seat down. I'd hot glue it up, that's what I'd do. I'd crap in the backyard just because I can. Just me and the dog."
"We're in London and this black guy starts talking to me. I don't know what else to call him. He's not african american." *looks at Jeff frown* "You didn't think that one through, did you? Is he african british?"

He also teased about Amsterdam, about Jeff's younger girlfriend, more about the divorce and I'm pretty sure there was not a joke that didn't make me laugh.

Achmed was going on about being an actor and it was pretty damn funny too and Peanut was as ADD as always and quite funny as well. It was a damn good and funny show and even if I was pretty far, it was worth the money I spent for the tickets and I'd gladly do it again. I really can't wait for his next special to come out in DVD.

After the show was over he took out a t-shirt gun and starting shooting t-shirts but decided that didn't reach far enough so they brought him a bigger one. That one wasn't enough either and they brought him a freaking t-shirt bazooka. He reached all the way to the other side of the stadium.
"So, these shirts are packed tight and we don'r have insurance so if this is coming your way either duck or catch it or put someone else on the way."

While we waited for the show to start they had a fun slideshow with quotes from Walter, some trivia, like Peanut is the only doll he hasn't built himself and the fact that his hobbie is building freaking helicopters. Yup, you read that right: HELICOPTERS.

Enjoy the awesome:

July 17, 2010

Just because

In case you haven't heard the iPhone 4 is having some issues. Apparently when you hold the phone a certain way (the way everyone holds it, even in the commercials) the signal drops and you drop your phone call, something to do with the hand touching the antenna or something. So yesterday they had a press conference to talk about it and instead of admitting that there was a problem, Apple took the position of: you're all making a bigger deal out of this than it is, all phones have antenna issues, so we'll give you free cases or bumpers so you stop complaining.

Now, I don't like apple at all and this seemed like a really bad attitude towards a problems their customers are having. I mean, seriously... holding the phone wrong makes your calls drop? Not cool. Anyway, they included RIM (the company who makes Blackberries) in their list of stats of phones that have the same issues and well... RIM didn't like it.

"Apple's attempt to draw RIM into Apple's self-made debacle is unacceptable. Apple's claims about RIM products appear to be deliberate attempts to distort the public's understanding of an antenna design issue and to deflect attention from Apple's difficult situation. RIM is a global leader in antenna design and has been successfully designing industry-leading wireless data products with efficient and effective radio performance for over 20 years. During that time, RIM has avoided designs like the one Apple used in the iPhone 4 and instead has used innovative designs which reduce the risk for dropped calls, especially in areas of lower coverage. One thing is for certain, RIM's customers don't need to use a case for their BlackBerry smartphone to maintain proper connectivity. Apple clearly made certain design decisions and it should take responsibility for these decisions rather than trying to draw RIM and others into a situation that relates specifically to Apple."

- Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie

That's the official statement from both of RIM's co-CEOs and I think they couldn't be more right. Apple screwed up and they should accept it.

On a completely different note, these are a few photos I took of the fireworks on the 4th of July that I'd forgotten to post. The trick with these was long exposure, no flash and a tripod. The last one is my favorite.

July 9, 2010

A Thousand Suns

So... for a while now my fan girl corner has been occupied by the fact that I'm going to see Jeff Dunham on July 15th. It's less than a week and I'm so excited because I love him and I heard him on the radio and he said he has a new character and everything and he's so awesome and I can't wait!

But yeah, it's been there a while and I thought I'd change it if Roger won Wimbledon but that didn't happen, or if Germany won the WC which didn't happen either, but I finally have a reason to change it!

Linkin Park's new album is coming out on September 14th, it's called A Thousand Suns and the first single is called The Catalyst which will be out August 2nd!
I know I haven't been too loving with the band, stopped listening to them for a while, hating on DBS, etc... but they've slowly started making their way into my playlist again and I finally listened to Blackbirds the other day, and worked on the Shinoda Land layout so I was starting to feel the love for them again when the announcement came out so I'm excited! I can't wait to see what they come up with this time. So... for the fan girl corner I'm gonna use this photo of Mike that they're using in the new look of (they have one for each band member, they look kinda cool actually. Except Rob's. Looks terrible). August 2nd, get here quick!

I think it's normal too, to stop feeling so passionate about things, specially bands. You start listening to other things and sometimes your tastes even change a bit and where you are doesn't fit the music.
I'm the type of person that has to be in a certain mood to listen to certain types of music and when you're completely in love with a band you can listen to it no matter what mood you're on but that love can change sometimes and I think that's normal and a bit healthy.
It didn't mean that I stopped loving LP, it just meant that I didn't love them as much. I still kept up with Mike, and if the mood felt right, I still listened to them... but it feels good to be getting that love back for them. (Though I still refuse to listen to DBS, lol.)

July 8, 2010

Robbie and Isa

So Isa has a father's day event at school and her teachers asked if they could buy her like a microphone so she would practice. Since we had to send it pretty quickly we made a box with the things we had ready to send them and a few purchases that I could afford.
We sent Isa some jeans, new Dora shoes, Dora sunglasses, her microphone and Dora PJs. For Robbie I sent Cars PJs, a blue outfit, a Cars toy cellphone, and Batman sunglasses. I also added some stuff for Andy and for my grandma as well. Of course, Robbie wanted to play with the microphone and Isa didn't want to share, lol.

Anyway, here are some pics.

Isa with her microphone and glasses,
wearing a Dora t-shirt I'd sent her previously, lol.

Robbie with his new cellphone. I hate those shoes
but I love those shorts. I bought those too, lol.

So, even thought she'd just showered and changed,
Isa demanded to wear her Dora PJs.
Robbie decided he wanted to wear something new too.

This is one of the coolest photos ever.
And makes spending all that money worth it, lol.

Robbie talking on his new cellphone.
Blue looks so good on him.

Isa posing. She's too cute for words.

I love the 'bad boy' look Robbie has in this photo.

Andy says Isa raises her leg like that because that's how
princesses do it in the movies.

Total rockstar.
I don't think Robbie appreciates being held like that, though, lol.

The cutest pic of the bunch and my new kiddie pic of the moment :)

June 10, 2010

Shopping cart

So, I love buying stuff. And I like buying stuff related to things I'm a fan of even more. However, I'm a college student and I'm saving up for when I go to Venezuela in the summer, so there's a couple of stuff that I want but can't buy just yet and I'm hoping to buy soon. Maybe I wanna share, maybe I wanna keep the links handy for when I'm gonna buy, lol. Most of these are shirt just because I love shirts, lol.

First up is this Roger hat. I've been wanting one for ages, and I actually like the red one but that one's more expensive and I can wear this one with different clothes, and light colors are better for hats when you're playing tennis.

Next up this Futurama shirt. I already have a Futurama shirt but this one is more of a specific reference to something on the show itself, since that's the name of the space delivery service. Also, the new season is coming up and I'm really excited about it.

I could also go for this Bender one, I guess I'll have to wait until I have the money and decide.

Now this next one I found just now as I was saving the pictures for the others and I MUST HAVE IT. I'm sorry... but I used to love Sonic as a kid and he brings some good memories. I now have the opening song as my ringtone and I've been searching for a shirt I loved and this is it!

I also want the Bones season 5 DVD because there are a bunch of episodes I wanna definitely watch again from this season, and I wanna just have all of them :)

June 5, 2010

More Em

I'm really feeling the love for Eminem lately so I wanted to share the official 'Not Afraid' video and a short interview with Jonathan Ross.

June 2, 2010

Hey, stranger

I think it's time for a blog update, lol. I haven't been inspired to write lately, mostly because this semester left me completely drained.
It's been hard coming from the past two years that when school stopped, work stopped and I got to go back home and do absolutely nothing, to having my busiest semester ever and not really stopping but working all the way through the summer. Last week I was in the office by myself every day and it was draining even if the job is very simple. I guess I just want some -real- down time, which is why I asked for the week of the 21st off.
I know, I know... I shouldn't complain because it's the simplest job ever and I have fridays off... but you know, it's summer. I'd like to come out of it showing absolutely nothing for it, lol. But yeah, maybe I'm just being a baby.

I was watching the Roland Garros last week and so excited but Roger lost yesterday so I could care less anymore. I was hoping to update my fan girl corner with the excitement or Roger winning it but I guess Jeff wants to stay, lol. The show is getting closer :D

I will, however update other things... I wanna introduce my Robbie photo of the moment. I know I posted this on twitter but I have so much love for this pic.

Here's my Isa pic of the moment. Andy even tagged me on this pic on Facebook because she's doing the rock on sign ^.^

As a bonus this pic of them together because I adore because they just look so happy. I miss them so freaking much.

Also, as the pic of the moment taken by me, I chose this one.

I know it's weird but I just love the shape of the branches and the sky and everything. I just like this photo a lot. I have to get back to taking more photos again.

Also, is it me or did blogger did something to the way pics work? I had a bit of trouble with the upload and putting the photos where I wanted them in the post but maybe it's just because I haven't blogged in a while or because I'm using Google Chrome now.

I changed a bunch of things because my computer kept having these fits and give me a blue screen of death every time it put on the screen saver for a while. I gave up TweetDeck and I Firefox. I now Seesmic for tweeting and that's just because my Blackberry app uploads only every 5 minutes, otherwise I'd use only that. Seesmic is pretty good and very similar to TweetDeck except it doesn't have notifications and little things like not letting you edit before you RT and not auto completing usernames for you, but it works well.
The blue screens have stopped since I did a disk check and told it to also resolve the bad sectors and clusters, so I'm hoping one of those was the problem and not my Windows.

I think that's about all I have to share today... I will try to post more stuff more often :)

May 17, 2010

Not Afraid

So, when The Eminem Show came out, it was one of my favorite CDs, even if my dad hated it and kinda hated that I liked it. After that Encore came out and I still thought it was good but not as much what I liked about him so I started to lose interest and by the time Relapse came out I wasn't much of a fan at all.
But the other day I listened to this song and it reminded me why I loved him so much in the first place. So I'm posting it here. The video has the best I could find and it has the lyrics as well. Enjoy.

April 25, 2010

Arizona Law

Haven't posted in a while, probably won't be back to posting regularly until I'm done with school. Anyway, here's a video that I think expresses just how crazy this Arizona law is.

I really don't think me complaining about it will do much, but I can support Stephen making fun of it.

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April 9, 2010

Bones 100th episode

So... last night wad the 100th episode of Bones. I had heard that it was gonna be a look at the first case Booth and Bones worked together before the pilot, but I wasn't sure what to expect. What I got was what I consider the best episode of the show so far. This a re-cap with comments pretty much, so of course... there are spoilers.

It all started with the books Sweets is wrote about Booth and Bones in which he came to the conclusion that they were in love and that's why they worked so well. But he had a major factual error that of Bones of course had to point out. They had a case before what he believes was their first case working together and this of course means a flashback.

The case was interesting, but as it happens a lot of the times with Bones, the character interaction was much more interesting. We got to see Zach again and remember how clueless he and Bones used to be about anything not science related, how Angela started working with them, how Hodgings and Zach's experiments started out... and how Booth and Bones have been hot for each other since they first met. She asked him if he was seeing anyone, he said he'd ask her out if he could, she said it was a shame he couldn't. He had to fire her and got drunk to do so and they kissed under the rain. Sweets' reactions and expression at this whole story were priceless and I think they represented the viewer amazingly well.
So they kissed, but Bones decided not to go home with him because they were drunk. They solve the case but they fight, she slaps him and storms away saying she'll never work with him again. Sweets says they missed their moment and have been punishing each other for it.

Then comes the best part of the episode. Booth's face when Bones tells Sweets "We're not in love with each other," said it all without words, pretty much, he's in love with her. Sweets says that one of them has to be the one to give in and that it has to be Booth because he's the gambler. Seeing that scene and that silence... you almost believed for a second that he was gonna do it but he just suggests food.

Before I could get frustrated, though... they're outside and this happens:
(I had a description but I think it's better to see it).

You know she's just scared and would rather have him as a partner always there than risk him not loving her in the future. You know he knows this and despite being more than hurt that she rejected him, he'll stick with her because he loves her. It's the same, but it's different at the same time. She's made a lot of progress over the season, becoming less cold, more human but she's never been as close to anyone as she is to Booth and that is a scary thought for her. I think this shows she's getting closer though. When you see the tears in her eyes and almost breaking down as she feared he was gonna say they couldn't work together, you can tell.

Some people hated this but I loved it. It felt sincere, it felt natural, it made sense and it wasn't forced. You can see the thinking behind it even if you wanna tell her to get over it already. It didn't feel like they're just stalling to get people to watch or to get more episodes in, it felt like it's not meant to be yet, but it will be.

This was brilliantly written, and the actors did an amazing job at portraying it. David did an amazing job directing and the whole thing just made me want to watch all the old episodes again, as well as be even more excited about the ones to come. This is why this is my favorite show. I'm gonna go watch the pilot now :)

Edited to add:

I watched the pilot and another few episodes again, and I'm loving this episode even more now. This fits with who Booth and Bones are. He's brave and would do anything for her, she's analytical and won't make a decision unless she has all the facts. I've also remembered moments on the series that fit with this episode, such as that Christmas kiss, it's awesome.
I think it was very brave to have this scene and have all that had gone unspoken for such a long time to come up to the surface, risking the chemistry and a huge part of the show, and I think they did it brilliantly. They gave us what we wanted and didn't do anything that would damage what they have like we were afraid of.

April 7, 2010

You start out with one thing...

I got some cute photos of Robbie today and I thought I'd share.

This made my morning today. They're getting so big and I miss them so much, that I always love seeing photos of them, specially with Robbie looking so awesome in that bike and wearing the Queen shirt that I bought him, (I was singing Somebody to Love today in my car like an insane person, lol).

The last few days have been weird because I've been doubting myself a lot and just being really harsh and negative towards myself so it's really good to have something that actually cheers me up. I'm aware how much that sounds like I'm just calling for attention or wanting someone to say all these things to make me feel better, but I swear I'm not.
It's just been a difficult week for me and I need to accept those emotions and try to deal with them because otherwise it'll get worse in the long run. I'm trying to be better at dealing with myself when I get like that and not call attention to it, like staying away from twitter, just because I feel like I'm annoying people around me when I talk about feeling that way. My defense mechanism is to be silly and not take myself to seriously because it's the easiest way to stop obsessing. It's just easier for me to concentrate on random things and to try and get over myself than actually admitting how bad I feel about myself sometimes.

It's getting better, though. The small things cheer me up, it just takes a lot longer to get out of this mood than to get into it. And I'm sorry.... this started out as a kiddie post and it ended up in a rant, I guess I'm feeling a lot more than I thought, lol. This helped a little bit too.

April 2, 2010

To be or not to be... green?

This post is slightly preachy, so be warned!

So yesterday I hadn't slept too well and I decided not to go to my first class and it was a good decision but I was also glad for another reason.
The last few classes that particular professor has been discussing environmental laws here in the States and this of course led to the talk about global warming. He was trying to explain that there have been crazes like this every few years, (for example, the hole in the ozone layer) and that there are more things affecting the climate than we think. He went on to talk about solar spots and how they affect us, and to explain how if the poles melt the water level will go down instead of up, (because water expands when it's frozen) and how we just think that we've never had this type of heat before because we're not used to it since we have air conditioning, (apparently when there wasn't you'd grow used to it during the summer).

I'll admit that I was sitting there mostly shaking my head at most of what he said but I guess I have to respect different opinions. It doesn't mean it didn't bug me when he said, "Well, think about the size of the sun compared to the Earth and wonder if the emissions from your car really have more effect in our climate."

I mean, really? Okay, so you don't believe in global warming, but is that really a reason to not care at all? It just sounded like he was saying that we can go back to being wasteful because it's not us changing the climate. I couldn't disagree more.

Let's pretend for a moment that there's no scientific proof of the water levels rising, or that the four stations are no longer limited as they used to be, or that after the clean air laws the air has become considerably easier to breathe and there's practically no smog (unless you live in California)... is that really an excuse to not care at all?

I'm not saying everyone should go 100% green. I'd be a hypocrite because I'm not that way, myself and sadly, a lot of environmentally friendly products are expensive. But it seems to me that there's little things we can all do. I don't think it's really that hard to put your plastic bottle on the recycling bin instead of the trash, or try to buy notebooks or papers that are made from recycled materials. It's definitely not that hard to pick an eco-friendly light bulb at the store or buy re-usable sponges instead of paper towels. Or maybe get a water filter and buy a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water every time we go out.

Not everyone has to do everything... I, for instance, can't get into carpooling because I don't like depending on someone else to get to school and back home. But I do have a power strip where all my chargers are and I turn it off every time I leave the house. There's really no good service for recycling in my neighborhood, but there is at school. And some have benefits too... like Music for Relief, if I wanna give a cool gift to someone I can buy a shirt at their store and now that the proceeds are helping.

I just think it's irresponsible to be wasteful just because we can.